Plywood selection points

2017-09-18 12:05

In the production of plywood, derived from a lot of color varieties, one of the most important one is in the original plywood board surface affixed with a thin layer of decorative veneer, known as decorative veneer veneer plywood, the market referred to as decoration Board or trim panel.

It is noteworthy that the common decorative panels are divided into natural wood veneer panels and artificial veneer panels. Natural wood veneer is made of precious natural wood, veneer or cut by hand cutting method made of veneer veneer. Artificial veneer is the use of relatively low prices of logs cut into veneer, made by a certain process pressure made of wood, and then cut into a beautiful pattern decorated veneer.

Usually natural wood veneer decorative panels are decorated with veneer board is often a good pattern, high prices of trees, such as cedar, oak, rosewood, ash and so on. But should be described in the name of the product, such as "cedar veneer plywood", or "fir slices plywood", or "cherry wood trim". Several kinds of said in the "veneer", "slices", "veneer" are reflected in the "plaque" the basic characteristics. But can not be cedar plywood, ash Liu plywood and other abbreviations, because these referred to refers to the plywood panel, the floor by the cedar or Ash made of. Another problem is the growing number of furniture produced in the panel, although these furniture, "cypress" and other grain appearance, but the overall furniture, wood is made of other wood, and now the store will be the furniture as "

Choose points

1) According to the nature of the project, the use of parts, environmental conditions and other factors use different types, grades, materials, decoration and format plywood.

2) decoration should be selected with precious wood sliced veneer veneer plywood.

3) The interior of the building with plywood, should be consistent with GB50222 "building interior decoration design fire safety regulations" requirement.

4) may be damp the hidden parts and high water requirements should consider the use of Class I or Ⅱ class plywood, outdoor use of plywood should be used Ⅰ class plywood.

5) panel decoration need to use transparent varnish (also known as oil), to retain the natural color of wood surface and texture, should focus on the panel material, pattern and color selection; if you do not consider the panel pattern and color, should also be based on the environment and reasonable cost Selection of plywood grade, category.